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Congress condemns attack on Israel after BJP’s ‘never forgive, never forget’ dig

The BJP on Saturday said what Israel is facing today, India suffered between 2004 and 2014 during the UPA regime.

The Congress on Sunday issued a statement condemning the terrorist attacks in Israel after the major escalation between Israel and Palestine became a BJP-Congress debate with the BJP alleging that India suffered the same between 2004-14. Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh said the Congress always believed that the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people must be fulfilled only through a process of dialogue and negotiations. No type of violence provides any solution, the Congress said. India has condemned the attack and PM Modi said India stands with Israel. Read | ‘Indian Muslims never supported violence’: IAS officer on Israel-Palestine conflict

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The BJP on Saturday used the Hamas attack on Israel to launch a broadside on the Congress. Citing the examples of various terror incidents across the county including the Mumbai terror attack, the BJP said, “What Israel is facing today, India suffered between 2004-14. Never forgive, never forget…”. The video issued by the BJP also contained a statement of Rahul Gandhi saying ‘it’s very difficult to stop every single terrorist attack’.

In an unprecedented attack, Hamas rulers of the Gaza Strip on Saturday, also a Jewish holiday, infiltrated into Israel firing thousands of rockets. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in retaliation declared war and called for a mass mobilisation of army reserves.

Which countries are supporting Palestine? India, US, UK stand with Israel

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iran appeared to back Hamas while Pakistan and Afghanistan too showed support for Palestine.

India has a strategic relationship with Israel. PM Modi expressed shock over the terrorist attacks in Israel and said India stands with Israel in solidarity at its difficult hour.

Israel thanked India for its support after the deadly attack carried out by the Hamas. Israel’s ambassador to India Naor Gilon appreciated India’s moral support.

Resolve Palestine so that peace prevails: Mehbooba Mufti

PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti said it is unfortunate that the world woke up to the Israel-Palestinian conflict now after such death and destruction. “Deafening silence is maintained year after year as innocent Palestinians are murdered & their homes destroyed. Today just because the shoe on the other foot is pinching, the so called democracies are outraged. This selective outrage is criminal to say the least. Resolve Palestine so that peace prevails,” Mehbooba Mufti tweeted.

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