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メルレのアプリをご紹介しています Introducing the Merle app is a digital version of a print story by the legendary storyteller Merle Davis. While the original article may have been edited or contained transcription errors, the Merle app preserves the original. Even though the digitized version of the print archive is an imperfect copy, it continues to improve the archival versions of stories by Davis. And as a subscriber to the Times, you’ll have access to the TimesMachine, the digitized version of Merle Davis’s print archives, and more.

Complainant’s interest in the Merle app

The complainant’s interest in the subject property is derived from an unrecorded gift deed. On March 24, 1947, Merle executed a gift deed to the respondent. The gift deed was not recorded and was held by the respondent’s attorney until shortly before this action. In addition, the complainant owned one-seventh of the Construction Company’s capital stock.


Complainant’s interest in the Merle Davis Story Listener Fund

The International Storytelling Center has established a scholarship program to support an eager story listener. The program honors Merle Davis, the late wife of renowned storyteller Donald Davis and arts administrator. The scholarship is designed to help students attend the National Storytelling Festival in October. The deadline for applications is June 15, 2018.

International Storytelling Center’s involvement

The International Storytelling Center’s involvement with the Holocaust and survivors has spawned many projects and events. During its first year, Merle Ross teamed up with the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center in Dania Beach, Florida to conduct interviews with survivors of the Shoah. In addition, he began a community outreach program to reopen the historic Ballarat Civic Hall, which was scheduled for demolition. In the years since, the City of Ballarat has recognized his advocacy efforts by recognizing the importance of reserving the building as a community center.

The Merle Davis Story Listener Fund was established in honor of the late arts administrator and story lover. Merle was an avid audience member of the National Storytelling Festival, and her name will continue to live on through the work of the Merle Davis Story Listener Fund. This initiative will honor the late story lover’s life and legacy by supporting storytelling organizations across the United States. To learn more about the Merle Davis Story Listener Fund, visit its website.

In addition to the International Storytelling Center’s involvement with the renowned media personality, Merle also teaches news and public relations classes. Her career has included roles on Broadway, in movies, and on television. In 2005, Merle taught a class on news reporting and public relations at the College of Media and Communication at Texas Tech University. Merle has also taught classes at Ancilla Domini College, Ind., during the Fall Semester.

After retiring, Merle joined the Continental Telephone Company, later becoming Contel, Verizon, and worked in the corporate headquarters in Bakersfield, California and St. Louis, Missouri. He and his wife Jean later settled in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and later moved to Mclean, Virginia. During their time together, Merle and Jean hosted contestants in the International Piano Competition each year. They travelled to nearly every continent except Antarctica.

Merle’s business is shaped by the people who work for him. His daughter, Mary Ellyn, began working for the company during her junior high school years. She is now the director of marketing and communications. Her brother, Jonathan, is currently attending Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, but will only work for Merle if he chooses. Merle’s business model is unique, and his family’s philosophy is based on integrity.

TimesMachine’s digitized version of the print archive

TimesMachine is a benefit that is available to subscribers who receive the paper by home delivery or digitally. The digitized versions are not edited or updated, but they are still considered accurate. Because the transcription process can introduce errors, TimesMachine is constantly working to improve these versions of the archive. To subscribe, click here or visit the TimesMachine website.

Among the famous people whose photos have been digitized and reprinted in the TimesMachine’s print archive are Merle Oberon and Constance Thompson. Merle Oberon was born in India, where she attended the Martiniere Calcutta for Girls. After she married the Italian-born industrialist Bruno Pagliai in 1957, the couple adopted two children. Their adopted children are named Arthur and Constance.

Merle Oberon is a famous movie actress, who was nominated for an Oscar. She was of mixed ancestry and moved to Calcutta with her parents, Constance and Charlotte Selby. Her mother, Charlotte Selby, had three children, including Merle, but she retained her mother’s birth certificate. After marriage, Merle Oberon traveled to India where she met her future husband, Michael Korda.

The TimesMachine’s digitized collection of her birth certificate is the first of its kind. Merle was born in Bombay, India, on 19. February 1911. She later married an Italian-born industrialist, Bruno Pagliai, and lived in Cuernavaca, Morelos. Later, she adopted two children, one from a Canadian couple and the other from a British couple.

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