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Woman places a peck on dog’s head, gets back a kiss from it. Watch

A video shared on Instagram captures a beautiful moment between a dog and its human. The video is sure to make you go aww.

A heartwarming exchange of affection between a woman and her pet dog was captured on camera. The tender moment shows the woman getting a peck on her cheek from the dog after kissing the pooch. This beautiful display of reciprocity between the human and her four-legged companion certainly highlights their bond of unconditional love.

The video is posted on an Instagram page called @animal____house, which is filled with varied videos of pets and their adventures. This particular video of the woman and her doggo was posted with a caption that reads, “Smart dog.”

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The video opens to show the woman and the dog looking at the camera. Soon, the woman leans towards the dog and places a kiss on its head. At first, the pooch gets startled and keeps staring at its human. Something wonderful happens soon after.

As the video progresses, the dog is seen reciprocating the woman’s gesture and kissing her on her cheek. The video ends with an emotional expression flashing across the woman’s face.

Take a look at this dog video:

The video was shared a day ago. Since then, it has collected close to 36,000 views, and the numbers are only increasing. Additionally, the share has also received more than 2,200 likes. People posted love-filled comments while reacting to the video.

What did Instagram users say about this dog video?

“That is so sweet, wonderful and beautiful. Fantastic,” expressed an Instagram user. “Oh lovely dog and lovely owner too,” commented another. “Mom gave the beautiful dog a kiss and the beautiful doggo gave a kiss back to his or her mom,” shared a third.

“So cute! He was thinking about what his human did and decided he’d do the same. Adorable!” posted a fourth. “This is so cute,” wrote a fifth. Many reacted to the video using heart emoticons.

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