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My Hero Academia 404 spoilers: Bakugo returns, All Might’s fate hangs in balance

Bakugo saves All Might in a dramatic return in My Hero Academia Chapter 404 spoilers.

In a jaw-dropping turn of events, My Hero Academia Chapter 404, titled “We Love You, All Might!!”, delivers an emotional rollercoaster as Bakugo makes a dramatic return, saving All Might from the clutches of All For One. The chapter, set to release on Monday, October 23, 2023, at 12 a.m. JST, promises an intense battle that fans won’t forget.

The chapter begins with a poignant flashback to Sir Nighteye’s vision of All Might’s tragic fate. As All For One tightens his grip on All Might, the world watches in horror. A farmer despairs convinced that the symbol of peace is about to meet his end. But amid the despair, a resilient spirit emerges.

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Across the globe, people react to the unfolding battle. Some have lost hope, while others cheer for All Might’s survival. Among them is Martin, a dog-boy, who echoes the sentiment of countless fans: “man, I don’t want All Might to die.” Even Meryl, the US weather report lady, feels the weight of the moment, noticing unusual air currents as she gazes at her computer screen, setting the stage for the chapter’s tension.

Bakugo, standing tall atop U.A. High School, observes the battle unfolding below. His eyes meet Deku’s, and without hesitation, he launches himself toward his friend. Their hands clasp, reminiscent of their heroic teamwork in “Heroes Rising,” as they spin through the air.

Deku, fueled by determination, activates his Gear Shift ability, despite the warnings of the second One For All user. Ignoring the potential exhaustion, he employs the power on Bakugo, propelling him toward All For One and All Might.

But Shigaraki, the embodiment of chaos, grins confidently. He taunts Bakugo, claiming he won’t reach All Might in time. Shigaraki is keenly aware of the vanishing All Might vestige within One For All, replaced by a more human-like one akin to the other users, signifying All Might’s imminent demise.

Yet, as despair looms, a powerful wind begins to blow, symbolizing the collective hopes and prayers of people worldwide. The narrative skillfully weaves the concept of the butterfly effect, illustrating how small actions can create significant impacts.

In a breathtaking double spread, characters from all walks of life, from heroes to civilians, unite in their prayers for All Might’s survival. Bakugo, in a moment of redemption, hurtles toward All For One, his resolve unyielding. Memories of past guilt and failure fuel his determination to rewrite history.

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In a burst of explosive power, Bakugo shatters All For One’s arms, saving All Might. All Might’s vestige, once fading, blazes brightly once more. His gratitude resonates as he says, “Young Bakugo…!” Bakugo, bloodied but unbroken, defiantly declares, “We’ll win this!!”

As My Hero Academia Chapter 404 concludes, readers are left on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the fallout of this epic showdown.

Stay tuned for the release of My Hero Academia Chapter 404 on Monday, October 23, 2023, and prepare for a heart-pounding continuation of this epic saga.

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