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N3on’s ex-GF Sam Frank surprises YouTuber with a $20K Rolex watch

After gaming YouTuber N3eon’s ex-girlfriend surprised him with a $20,000 Rolex watch, leading to speculation over their potential patch-up

In a recent livestream, gaming YouTuber Rangesh Mutama, also famously known as N3on, was seen with his ex-girlfriend Sam Frank. Sam, who allegedly cheated on N3on a week ago, has currently gifted the streamer a $20,000 Rolex. A Dunkin Donuts box was revealed in the video. When N3on opened the box, he found a Rolex case inside, much to his surprise.

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In the stream, Sam was heard saying, “I still really care about you. You truly deserve this, and I want you to know I really care,” as she gifted the expensive watch to N3ON.

N3on couldn’t handle himself after he realised that this wasn’t just a prank. The streamer immediately rushed to call his friends to display his new watch. N3on’s reaction to the gift was hilarious, as he said, “You’re smart; you’re a manipulator,” and then went on to say, “I love it; I love the gift.”

N3on never misses the opportunity to get zesty in the middle of a wholesome conversation, and as he is seen hugging Sam and thanking her for the gift, he then says, “I’m H**ny, nah, I’m kidding,” and everyone just went on to seem not surprised by the statement.

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The scenario leading to the duo’s breakup was messy. It all began with a lie detector test that was taken on Sam. The question directed by N3on and Sneako at the 20-year-old creator was a little too brutal.

N3on instantly regretted the decision to have had this idea in the first place. However, it looks like they are in a much better place right now, and only time will tell if the two look past this and get back together in the coming days.

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