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Shafaq Naaz on Avinash Sachdev denying their relationship: ‘He has dated so many people, may have slipped his mind’

Shafaq Naaz has responded to Avinash Sachdev’s denial of their past relationship on the recently concluded reality show Bigg Boss OTT 2.

Weeks after Avinash Sachdev refused to acknowledge his past relationship on Bigg Boss OTT 2, Shafaq Naaz has now called it ‘disappointing’ and ‘hurtful.’ Speaking to ETimes in a new interview, Shafaq said Avinash Sachdev should have respected the dignity of their relationship and shouldn’t have lied about it. Avinash and Shafaq were said to be dating sometime ago. (Also read: Does Falaq Naaz dream of a man like Avinash Sachdev? Shafaq Naaz responds)

Shafaq is hurt

Shafaq told the daily that watching Avinash deny their relationship was disappointing and hurtful. “Avinash should have respected the dignity of our relationship and not trivialised my feelings by lying. Being in a relationship is not something to feel ashamed of. Probably, he has dated many people, so our relationship may have slipped his mind, but I remember it clearly since it was my first serious relationship and heartbreak.” She also recalled that they started dating eleven years ago when they were shooting for their show together, Teri Meri Love Stories.

Avinash ‘ghosted’ Shafaq

She further said, “He had just got out of a long relationship and we were together for about six months. Towards the end, when he stopped talking to me without any reason, I assumed he had reconciled with his ex. He ghosted me. Back then, social media wasn’t as active, making it easier to keep things under wraps. I can laugh about it today, but back then, it affected me.”

Asked about Falaq Naaz’s closeness with Avinash, Shafaq insisted that she has complete faith in her family. She trusts them and knows they won’t do anything to hurt her feelings, she said, adding that she does not expect Falaq to never befriend her exes. She further said that she was hurt as Avinash chose to disrespect “the integrity of our relationship. Usne uss rishte ki izzat nahi rakhi (he did not respect our relationship).”

Avinash was ‘never romantically involved with Shafaq’

The daily also got in touch with Avinash and Falaq on the issue. Avinash claimed to stand by his statement that he was “never romantically involved with Shafaq”.

Even Falaq claimed that she learnt about Shafaq and Avinash’s relationship only after she stepped out of the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house. She added that Avinash is a good friend for her, and that she is single.

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