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BTS’ Suga leaves fans emotional with last live before joining military; Jin and J-Hope send ‘strength’ and love

BTS member Suga is all set to enlist himself for the mandatory military service on September 22. Before his joining, he interacted with fans online.

BTS singer Suga took to their online fan community Weverse and interacted with fans for one last time before joining the military. As per his agency, he will be starting the service on September 22. Ahead of his joining, not only did he share plans with his fans but also told them to wait for him till 2025. Besides fans, members J-Hope and Jin, who are currently serving in the military, made a sweet surprise in the comment section during the live. Also read: Suga to begin his military service this week, announces BTS agency BigHit Music

Suga’s last interaction with fans before military

Suga made a casual appearance, in a white t-shirt and a checkered shirt. While soldiers are required to have buzzcuts usually, Suga debuted shorter hair. He told fans, “Hello, it’s nice to see you. It’s me, Suga. I cut my hair a bit.” “My hair is very short, right? I can’t get used to it too. The staff could not recognise me,” he added. Suga remained low profile for quite some days ever since he wrapped up his Agust D tour in Seoul. So, where was he? He answered that he has been spending time with fellow BTS members and family.

Suga on spending his last days with BTS members

He said, “Then Taehyung‘s album came out and I didn’t want to distract from that. And I was with the members and the next thing I knew, a month went by!” While Suga will be gone for 18 months, he assured fans that he has filmed enough content for his fans, aka BTS ARMY, to keep them entertained. He, who is known for his popular drinking show Suchwita on YouTube, added, “I can’t do Suchwita anymore. But I filmed a lot! Please look forward to it.” Kim Taehyung, aka V, was the last guest on the show and also the last BTS member to join him for a heartfelt conversation.

Suga wanted to do more shows before enlistment

Suga recently wrapped up his Agust D Tour concerts. Talking about it during his 20-minute live, he said, “After the concert, I was only resting for about 2 weeks cause I had a body pain. So I was resting a lot. I spent the remaining time with my family.” He also shared that he wishes to have more shows for his fans, however, has to fulfil his responsibilities as a citizen first. He said, “I wanted to do more tours but I didn’t have the time to.” “It’s a pity that I will not be able to do anything in the next 2 years.”

Suga tells fans to not cry

Suga ended the live by leaving his fans in tears. He told them, “I’d be lying if I say (I’ll return) soon. So let’s meet in 2025.” “There’s no need to cry. We said we will meet again in 2025, right? We promised right!? 2025. Let’s see each other in 2025. Bye,” he signed off.

J-Hope and Jin to Suga before military

Not only his fans but also J-Hope and Seok Jin sent him love and strength. Hobi, who recently took a break from the military, commented, “Watching the live before I submit my phone. The hair suits you well.” Jin chimed in, “Hey J-Hope I was wondering where did he go while I was texting.. he was here.” His comment left Hobi in splits.

The eldest member of BTS shared words of wisdom, “Yoongi-ya, have strength! I’m cheering for you.” “I was talking about you with Hobi… go and come back well,” he also added. J-Hope commented, “Jin Hyung, Yoongi.. rest well,” before going offline. Jin said, “We’re always cheering for you… have strength! fighting.”

Responding to Suga’s live, a fan wrote on X, aka Twitter, “Suga we will wait for you.” “This is definitely hitting differently when he says not to cry. Let’s see each other in 2025,” added another one. Someone also tweeted, “Future will be okay. “

BTS consists of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. Suga is the third member to join the military and others will be joining too, in their individual timeline. While no official announcement has been made, BTS leader RM is rumoured to be the next one in the pipeline.

All seven members are likely to reunite sometime in 2025. They were on a hiatus from group activities to focus on their solo careers. All of them have marked successful solo debuts so far.

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