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ITZY returns with a bang! ‘Cake’ MV sparks excitement and empowerment among fans

ITZY returns with an upbeat ‘Cake’ music video from the new mini-album ‘Kill My Doubt.’ Fans are excited for catchy track and empowering message.

K-pop sensation ITZY is back and ready to set the world on fire with their latest music video for the single ‘Cake’ from their brand-new mini-album, ‘Kill My Doubt.’ The group made their highly-anticipated comeback on July 31 at 6 pm KST, and fans are buzzing with excitement.

Produced by the talented duo Black Eyed Pilseung, the masterminds behind hits from STAYC, SISTAR, TWICE, and Apink, ‘Cake’ is a catchy track that exudes a bright and trendy vibe, perfectly suited for the summer season. The lyrics deliver a powerful message, encouraging listeners to embrace their uniqueness without worrying about the opinions of others, likening it to a piece of cake – effortlessly enjoyable.

The music video itself showcases ITZY’s charismatic charm as they navigate through various scenes, causing trouble and mischief wherever they go. As chaos unfolds around them, the girls remain unfazed, singing and dancing to the catchy beats with infectious joy.

But ‘Cake’ is just one of the gems on their new mini-album, ‘Kill My Doubt.’ Ahead of the official release, ITZY treated fans to music videos for ‘Bet On Me’ and ‘None of My Business.’ The album also features other captivating B-sides like ‘Bratty,’ ‘Psychic Lover,’ and ‘Kill Shot.’

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This marks ITZY’s first release of 2023, coming eight months after their sixth mini-album, ‘Cheshire,’ which dropped in November last year. Although ‘Cheshire’ received a three-star review, with NME’s Gladys Yeo praising its title track and B-sides, it also faced criticism for the “painfully juvenile” lyrics of the pre-release single, ‘Boys Like You.’ Nevertheless, ITZY’s immense talent and fanbase continue to fuel their success.

JYP Entertainment unveiled the girl group’s 7th mini-album ‘Kill My Doubt’ on July 31 KST, featuring the lead single ‘Cake.’ The album boasts six tracks in total, offering a delightful mix of ITZY’s signature style and vibrant energy.

Fans have been raving about the new release, praising the catchy beats and the group’s powerful performances. The empowering message of ‘Cake’ has struck a chord with listeners, encouraging self-acceptance and confidence.

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