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HometvAnkita Lokhande reacts to pregnancy rumours: 'I don’t worry about any biological...

Ankita Lokhande reacts to pregnancy rumours: ‘I don’t worry about any biological clock’

Insisting that she does not care at all for the rumours about her, Ankita Lokhande says she laughs, when she sees her morphed pictures showing fake baby bump.

Ankita Lokhande has finally reacted to reports claiming she is pregnant and said the rumours do not bother her. The actor added that she finds it funny that some people have no work, except for morphing her pictures with fake baby bumps. Ankita was talking to ETimes in a new interview when she was asked about the rampant rumours. (Also read: Ankita Lokhande shares first post after father Shashikant Lokhande’s death)

Morphed pics

Ankita admitted that she is not the only one being targetted. Single people are asked about marriage, married people are asked about either kids, or divorce. She added. “I think ye media mein chalta rehta hai (All this goes on in the media). It doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t care about these rumours. I see so many times memes about me. There are also pictures of me having a baby bump on YouTube and social media, but I don’t give it attention at all.”

Ankita laughs over her fake pics

She added that she laughs, when she sees her morphed baby bump in fake pictures and YouTube videos. They have no work at all and ‘the morphing is just timepass for them’, she added.

Ankita also said that she doesn’t like to plan things, and added that everything happens when God wants it to. She said, “Whether it is my career, my wedding or having a kid, whenever it has to happen it will happen. I don’t worry about any biological clock, jab jisko aana hoga aajayega… koi rok nahi sakta bus Bhagwan ki wish honi chahiye (Whoever has to come, will come. No one can stop if God wishes).

Ankita and Vicky’s relationship

Ankita married her boyfriend Vicky Jain in a grand ceremony in December 2021. Talking about her marriage, Ankita had told Hindustan Times in an interview earlier this year that she is a person with “no patience to understand people” but Vicky has made her understand the importance of giving that to one’s partner.

She added that communication is the basic tool to solve conflicts in relationships. “It’s not always your thing, there has to be a balance. You need to hear the other person’s story, you cannot put it all on the other person. I have grown up and become mature in this relationship. I understand him more. After a point, you start understanding so much that there are no conflicts. Khat-pat hoti rehti hai (disagreements are there) but you know when something is wrong.”

Ankita recently lost her father

Ankita’s father Shashikant Lokhande died last month in Mumbai at the age of 68. He had been unwell for some time.

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