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Eren’s secret plan: Unraveling the complexity of Attack on Titan season 4

Eren’s mysteries in ‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4 prompts fan theories about his true intentions and its Rumbling’s purpose.

As “Attack on Titan” Season 4 progresses, the island of Eldia, which was once secluded from the external world, deals with constant challenges coming its way.

The Marleyan government, which is in a state of disruption, desperately seeks to regain control over the Eldians that stay within the Walls. With all the ongoing problems and threats that arise from within and beyond the island’s protective barriers, here are some of the fans popular takes on the episodes:

Eren’s Hidden Objective

Some fans believe that Eren has a hidden objective beyond what he’s shared with his friends. His actions, including his attack on Marley and his detachment from the alliance, may be part of a bigger plan to protect Eldians and ensure their survival.

The Yeagerists Eren’s association with the Yeagerist clan might be a tactical move. By aligning with them, he gains influence and support on Paradise Island, making it easier to fulfill his final goal.

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The Rumbling as a Deterrent

Eren’s threat to initiate the Rumbling, which would unleash the Wall Titans, could be a hindrance to the ultimate plan. He may not intend to carry out the devastating plan, but he is using it as leverage to negotiate with other nations to ensure the safety of Eldians on Paradise Island.

Alliance’s Dilemma

As the alliance, consisting of Armin, Mikasa, Jean, and others, learns of Eren’s intentions, they face a moral dilemma. They must decide whether to trust Eren’s unspoken plan or try to stop him by force, which could trigger a conflict.

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Historical Connections

The theory also suggests that Eren has uncovered historical information that could change the course of the conflict. The information might reveal the true origins of the Titans and the history of Marley and Eldia, shedding light on the bigger picture.

Eren’s Sacrifice

Some fans predict that Eren might be willing to sacrifice himself for good, even if it means being seen as a villain. His ultimate goal could be to break the hatred cycle and oppression that have ruined the world.

This fan theory gives rise to complexity in Eren’s character and the storyline of “Attack on Titan”. With its complex narrative, “Attack on Titan” Season 4 promises to deliver a fascinating and progressive flow to the sequel that will leave fans eagerly anticipating each successive episode.

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