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How Meghan Markle’s exit from royal family was setback to ‘interesting projects’

Meghan Markle has been involved in various charitable activities and social causes, including gender equality, mental health awareness, and social justice.

Meghan Markle’s entrance into and abrupt departure from the British royal family has been characterized as a significant setback for the Crown, according to OK! magazine. Royal commentator Jane Marguerite Tippett told the British weekly magazine that the complexity of Meghan’s situation stemmed from the institution’s struggle to comprehend and adapt to a woman with an independent, educated, and self-directed life, especially during her formative years.

“The institution didn’t understand how to deal with a woman, not so much who was divorced, but who had a very independent life, who had had an education, who had lived the first 35 years of her life as someone who called her own shots, called her own story, and they probably didn’t come to grips with that in perhaps the most pragmatic way,” the magazine quoted her as saying.

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Tippett pointed out the monarchy’s failure to pragmatically handle Meghan’s unique background, highlighting that the most successful royals historically have been those capable of gradual adjustment rather than demanding immediate change.

“It’s a loss for the monarchy to not have them because they worked on interesting charities interesting projects. What’s unfortunate though is that they couldn’t balance these projects with how to work the system.”

The departure of Meghan and Prince Harry in March 2020, known as “Megxit,” positioned them as royal rebel figures, initially garnering mixed public opinions.

Tippett acknowledged the loss for the monarchy due to the couple’s contributions to charities and projects, expressing regret that they couldn’t strike a balance with navigating the system. Despite the initial speculation that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were better off without the Crown, conflicting reports emerged, with some arguing that the Montecito rebels still needed the royal family.

Royal expert Jan Moir had painted a grim picture of the relationship between the Sussexes and the royal family, describing it as a “burnt-out bombsite” with relations at rock bottom. While some believe the couple’s departure signalled independence and freedom, others argue that their lack of understanding of key royal characteristics jeopardized their influence and standing.

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