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Nawaz Sharif praises India: They’ve reached moon, we haven’t risen from ground

Nawaz Sharif earlier said neither India nor US was responsible for Pakistan’s economic crisis.

Pakistan’s former prime minister Nawaz Sharif again praised India on Wednesday during his address to the party cadre on Wednesday as he said India has reached the moon but Pakistan has still not risen from the ground. Nawaz Sharif would be contesting the elections from Mansehra region of Khyber-Pakhtynkhwa. As he is warming up for his election pitch, he made several references to India. On Tuesday, Nawaz Sharif said neither India nor US were responsible for the economic condition Pakistan has been facing. “We shot ourselves in our own foot,” Nawaz Sharif said a day earlier. “Our neighbours have reached the moon but we haven’t even risen from the ground so far. It can’t keep going on like this,” Sharif said on Wednesday.

Nawaz Sharif is running for Prime Minister for a fourth time — thrice he was ousted from power — in 1993,1999 and 2017.

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“In 2013, we were facing severe load shedding of electricity, we came and ended it, ended terrorism from all over the country, restored the peace of Karachi, highways were built, CPEC came, and a new era of development and prosperity began,” Nawaz Sharif said.

Nawaz Sharif returned to Pakistan in October this year after four years of political exile in London that he took in 2019 citing medical reasons. He went to London for medical treatment while he was serving a seven-year prison sentence for corruption. But then he never returned. His return was only for the election as he took the PML-N mantle.

Jailed former PM Imran Khan would contest from three constituencies Lahore, Mianwali and Islamabad. On Aug 5, a trial court in Islamabad convicted Imran Khan in a case filed by the Election Commission of Pakistan that involved concealing details of state gifts and jailed him for three years. The verdict meant he was disqualified from contesting general elections for five years. But the Islamabad High Court suspended Imran Khan’s three-year sentence, but he still remains in jail in other cases.

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